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  1. Star Gazer says:

    It’s odd I’ve lived in western Canada for forty years and have never had any desire to live nor travel to Vancouver…It looks nice!!!But it will be a bad place to live if the economy ever gos south!!!

  2. FlowerEmblem says:

    Great video of my city. A few things tourists should also take note of that they didn't mention:
    – There are several cities close to Vancouver (grouped together we call this region the Lower Mainland), many worth seeing. If you want to see historic Canada, it's worth taking a bus to Burnaby to visit Burnaby Village Museum. Or taking a walking tour to the Britannia Shipyards in Steveston Village, once a historic Japanese fishing town. Or taking a seabus to Lonsdale Quay.

    – I also recommend taking a daytrip to Victoria, the capital of B.C. Getting there might take 4 hours, but the ferry ride is scenic.

    – Hiking's also popular here, and for a good reason. One of the highlights of Vancouver is the number of hiking trails that are accessible nearby. Consider hiking as one of the must-dos while visiting. Deep Cove is a popular spot and you can kayak there, too.

    – Vancouver's Chinatown, while worth a visit (especially Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden), has become a bit rundown and is now generally more of a tourist attraction and less a place of living Chinese culture. Most Chinese people currently live in the neighbouring city, Richmond. Also be careful, because some parts near Chinatown are also really seedy as there's a lot of homeless living on these streets. Don't EVER walk through East Hastings.

    – On that note, yeah there's a lot of homeless here.

    – Due to Vancouver's history, there are a lot of people in the Lower Mainland that are ethnically Asian, many of whom were born and raised here. It can be a culture shock for some. I've heard someone comment that Vancouver might be the most Asian city outside of Asia, and they might be right. But it also means that Vancouver and the Lower Mainland has pretty good Asian food, and great cultural festivals throughout the year. Ramen's been pretty popular of late. The Richmond Night Market is a summer highlight.

    – We nickname Vancouver "Raincouver" for a reason. Most days don't look like the video – they are very grey and rainy. But that's what keeps this city green.

    – Due to foreign investors, housing in Vancouver is now extremely expensive and more locals are moving out because of it. I saw one slightly rundown 50 year old home on sale in East Van for $1.2 million CAD, which is standard.

  3. katsy kat says:

    I'd like to live on the edge of beach Avenue, most of the area has the same names has my family, and Emily Carr (art university) is the same name as me! We love you Vancouver! 🇨🇦

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