28 thoughts on “20 Things to Do in ARUBA (COMPLETE ARUBA TRAVEL GUIDE)

  1. John Williams says:

    We love Aruba when your looking at this island Paradise with a beach view as the winds pick up! You'll see the palm trees blow, like crazy!But don't worry 10-12 minutes it stops! Here it can pour down buckets of rain! Ten minutes later the sun comes out…lol EVERYONE BACK IN THE WATER! Tropic temps here,so If your bring a winter coat! Don't worry , you will never need it….

  2. Emy Lay says:

    The flamingo island is so cool But those flamingos are in the adult only part of the beach. If you want to see them and your a kid you have to go between 9-10 am. At the family side if you sneak behind the restaurant and follow the path you will see NEW BORN FLAMINGOS!!!

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