20 thoughts on “Cambridge, England: Historic University Town – Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

  1. emma carter says:

    Hire a boat!!! It's a punt not a boat, I'm from Cambridge have lived here all my life, if you want to "hire a boat" book the river boat Georgina. What was shown was a chauffeured punt and it's much more fun (and cheaper) to do the punting yourself.

  2. Steve MetalHammer says:

    I went to Cambridge. It was about 5 `o` clock in the morning of September the 1st 1985 and I was returning home by train from a trip to Rome. Actually I guessed the date, only knowing it was a Sunday probably in September 1985….

  3. TheRenaissanceman65 says:

    This is far too generalised. Churchill and Robinson colleges don't look like this as they are much newer. They certainly can't have centuries of heritage. And please learn how to pronounce "Principia". It's a hard c.

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