44 thoughts on “The Valencia, Spain bucket list: 10 things to visit and experience

  1. Goodnightmoon says:

    As a Valencian I think you did a fantastic job with this video, hope you like it and I strongly recomend you to visit the city again between 15th and 19th of March to live Les Falles, one of the best and most uniques traditional festivities in the world.

  2. Julius Freund says:

    Hey guys I have build an app that lets you drop your bucketlist experiences and personal memories as little timecapsules so others can find them. I created a video so you can see how this looks like: @ni30 or check out my webside marblear.com

  3. Anastasia Dohl says:

    I’m planning to go this coming august and this vid helped a lot .. although I didn’t see anything about the beaches and what restaurants to eat at . Could some one comment what beaches to go to or how to commute . It be so helpful if you are local .

  4. StriderCX 2nd says:

    The really sad part is in 10 years or so, due to tourism, this place will become super expensive to live in. Currently, it's one of the most affordable. It's the double edged sword of tourism 🙁

  5. Pascal Bellicano says:

    I just come from a ten day trip in Valenncia. In reality, Valencia is not interesting at all. Tons of roads, traffic lights, fabrics everywhere. Outside the city, villages are NOT beautifull and It's smells bad and It's not clean at all. There are some beautifull landscapes at 20 kms or far more but not so much and not more than in everywhere in Spain or In the south of France. But believe me, those types of vids are not the reality you will meet.

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